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I am often misunderstood because I don't know how to speak clear, my mouth and my words are of total opposite. I am mostly insecure and I just have to deal with it.

The road less taken is the road worth taking

It was April 21 2010 when I first laid my feet in the University of Santo Tomas as an USTET passer, I remembered my greatest will during that time, to be enrolled and take Journalism, I dreamed of becoming a journalist, to speak with pen and freeze it’s content in the print, to be involve in media and do insightful documentaries, it was clear to me that time what I wanted to do with my life and I am determined to get in. I walked through the walls of a not so beautiful Dean’s Office, and my heart was shattered when we were told that I cannot pursue Journalism because I was not early for my reservation instead, they let me choose between four courses and I picked Sociology.

I know a little about the discipline I have heard it with a classmate from high school and I was engaged because she told me I don’t have to be a Math expert, it was a shallow reason that lead me to my four years stay in the course with a lot of event happened in this road less taken, this discipline is far from the most desired courses related to Business and Technology we don’t talk much of that in Sociology instead we make ideas out of the needs in the society and study what are the individual’s acceptance towards this needs, we write a lot about our perspectives and facts, we research because we don’t simply take facts as facts, we appreciate the poor where most majors do not take it as an important factor of their discipline, we study economy, politics, theories, policies, taxation, statistics even finance just so we can be prepared in the real world.

I tried to shift, to still be involved with media but due to unpreparedness and incompetence in terms of responsibility I let go of that chance and pursue the discipline. Those years of stay was crucial, we tried our best to be one of the best and through that we were recognized of the faculty, I was proud to be involved in those years.

Our discipline was mocked by many not knowing it opened an array of opportunities for us, to excel and be professionals, we were challenged by the business world to compete not knowing we can. In my four years, I have learned a lot, to take society as a big field, to be deep and not mainstream, to be critical and to find knowledge.

It was a hell of a year, I gain and lose friends, I diminished my biases, I learnt to avoid temporary people, I learned to say no in circumstances that can affect my future decisions. In two days, I will receive my diploma equipping myself with much of possibilities, enabling my skills to determine phenomena and production. This is the real world where crying is the last option when giving up.

I am Kiarra Christelle Estoya, batch 2014 of AB Sociology in The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas getting real in the real world.

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I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

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